Okay, so I consider house remodelling a necessary evil. Oftentimes, it all starts with me noticing the wall paint flaking and peeling, and somehow it ends up with a wall knocked down or all my cupboards replaced. I’m stretching the truth here, but an overhauled house theme surely is a breath of fresh air in domestic bliss.

Your renovation has to start somewhere; real estate agents insist you invest heavily on kitchen or bathroom renovations, or both. I say the best place to start is the bedroom, if you plan to enjoy your investment before you actually resell it. I’ve seen too many “Cribs” reruns to know you can do pretty much everything if you have the money to burn, but for the more conservative types, I have a couple of suggested themes you can try out for your bedroom renovation.

Settle for modern

Photo credit: Novotel Century Hong Kong Hotel via Wikimedia Commons

Go for a contemporary theme if you don’t want to veer too far from the interior design of the house (unless, of course, your house is Victorian or something very different). The key feature of contemporary is minimalist and streamlined, but not sparing the details or going for the simple, cosmopolitan look. Think “Frasier” or “Friends” apartments, both cosmopolitan and only affordable if you receive a hefty monthly pay check. You can also watch “Fifty Shades of Grey” and check out what I’m talking about (In terms of what makes a contemporary bedroom design looks like, that is).

Opt for vintage

vintage bedroom
Photo credit: Bill Wilson via Flickr

A contrast to the contemporary theme is vintage, which is perfect for the nostalgic types; you’ll practically wake up to yesterday every day, in whatever decade you choose. Vintage bedroom furniture is a necessity, but there’s affordable alternative in salvaged pieces from flea markets, also any heirloom you can snag and restore. Antique dressers, stained cabinets, and weathered window shutters contribute to create the vintage effect.

Go for variety

eclectic bedroom
Photo credit: Stacie via Flickr

Eclectic bedrooms are quite difficult to describe, but it should reflect your personality to the smallest detail to qualify as eclectic. Neither is the theme bland, though; people should be taken aback with the ensemble every time they check out the room where all the magic happens. Right now, I’m thinking of a superhero-themed bedroom, from the carpeting to the furniture to the pillow case. I’m sure you’ve fantasized something similar in your waking hours; if it sounds so crazy that it must be done, then it’s eclectic and worth a try.

Adopting a new theme for your home will cost a small fortune, especially if it involves major renovations like involving new window shutters, furniture, fixtures, and everything in between. For me, it’s all affordable so long as you don’t have to level the entire thing and start from scratch, on new foundation.


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