Home decorating is a fun task and hobby you can enjoy at home almost anytime you want at a budget within your capacity and control. You can harness the artist and creative talent in you by doing simple DIY crafts and home décor that makes home living efficient and even more aesthetically appealing for the whole of the family. I for one really enjoy doing a few projects for our home during weekends and enjoy such achievement and feeling of success whenever I see my creations being used and appreciated at home.

Here are some of the decorating accessories I love having inside my home.


Photo Credit: Develloppa via Pinterest

I love to catch up sleep every now and then so that explains why I love having pillows around the house. It’s really nice to be able to grab hold of a pillow to have your back rested while reading a book in our reading nook at the back of our house or while catching sleep inside my shed. Of course pillowcases add style and personality to the numerous pillows I have at home. I have beaded pillows for the living area, fur ones on several areas of the house and a DIY “old-jeans” pillowcase for the one’s I have at my shed for that masculine look.


Photo Credit: Sarah Le Donne Blog via Pinterest

Illumination plays a big deal at home. I have several different kinds of lamps available at home. My favorite would be the one I have at the shed. It can be bended and dragged almost all around my working table making It really useful whenever I draw or do paper work in that area. I also love the wall lamps that I have recently installed near every bed in every room of the house.


Resting their feet is one of the favorite things that my wife does whenever she arrives from home. This is why I decided to have at least one ottoman available in every area at home. To make it even more useful, I always make sure that it doubles as a storage piece since you can practically lift the seat and store stuff inside the ottoman.

Window blinds

As much as I love the outdoors, I also enjoy the privacy of the indoors. Here is where horizontal blinds play their part. Simply bring the blinds to close when I want to sleep during the middle of the day or if it’s too hot outside. Drawing it open on a really nice day with the wind blowing indoors is also one of the best things I enjoy experiencing in this little home of ours.

Mason Jars

mason jars.jpg
Photo Credit: Lifehacker via Pinterest

Mason jars can be converted into practically anything. They can be containers for almost any small trinket you have at home. Can be converted into really cool lamps and can practically be transformed into a new decorative piece every month or every season, even as often as you like. It’s made of glass and durable as well so you can practically find something useful for this object even as the years pass.


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