Doing more with the less stuff or space that we have inside our room is a dream and advocate for most of us, whether you are a mom or a bachelor who would want to make do of the space that you already have at home. Decluterring may seem to be not enough to do so as well as limiting ourselves from getting too much stuff for our homes and wardrobe.

One can actually fit more of their belongings inside their room without having to sacrifice moving space and increase storage without having to expand the area of a bedroom by following these few simple tips on how to create more space out of your small bedrooms.

small room
Photo Credit: A Little Leopard via Pinterest

Maximize the bottom of your bed

Feng Shui experts may detest placing objects under the bed, but if practically would come first as your priority, you have a lot of storage space under this area. You can place several containers that can be easily pulled when needed to store items under your bed. It would be ideal to store wardrobe that you usually do not use like extra towels, extra bed linens, your winter jackets and other bulky stuff that you occasionally use. Marking your storage binds under the bed would also be advisable so it would be easier to get something when you need them. Hide them by covering the bed with a long bed cover.

Organize your dresser

Folding your clothes properly and using drawer dividers can bring a lot of miracle for your storage space inside the dresser. You can also consider vacuum packing for the out-of-season items to keep them snugly kept inside while keeling them looking great in the process.

Locate and use unused space in your closet

This space can be the bottom part of the area where you hang your clothes or the top area just above the rod where you hang your hangers. You can install a few planks beneath or over these areas to be able to increase the storage space inside your closet. You can also consider over-the-door hangers and a few shelves installed inside where you can keep your other items.

Splurge on a wardrobe wall

wall storage.jpg
Photo Credit: This Old House via Pinterest

If the budget permits, it is also advisable to install a shallow wardrobe along the whole wall in an area of your room to create extra storage. This would be ideal to remove the bulky feel that usual bedroom cabinets radiate inside bedrooms. You can install panel blinds Perth in your windows and add a few side tables to avoid the claustrophobic feel that having shallow built-in cabinets can sometimes bring inside a bedroom.

Illuminating the area

Add a few more lights inside your bedroom by attaching tube lights beneath your bed or around the bottom edge of your cabinets to make the room brighter and look bigger.

A small room can definitely be bigger without adding extra space by keeping things inside neat, in their proper places and always organized. Brightening up the area also creates a bigger look for any living area, especially inside bedrooms.


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